Are widescreen resolutions like 1600x900 supported?

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a couple of Plugable USB Display Adapters……

for the purpose of running two LG Flatron W2061TQ monitors. These monitors are designed to run in the 1600x900 resolution with 32bit graphics. I noticed this plugable usb display adapter says it supports resolutions up to 2048x1152. But I was concerned that it may not support specific widescreen resolutions like 1600x900. Could you tell me if it does? Currently I have a VTBook villagetronic card but it is only capable of supporting 1440x900 mode on these monitors. (I am switching to something new, because of this and also because VTBook only works in a laptop with 2gb or less of memory). Also, would it support a Dell monitor designed to run at 1920x1080 as I have one of these too and have considered possibly using it with that at some point. Although, at first my plan would be to try and run the 1920x1080 monitor as my laptop’s one additional monitor (as it supports one without any usb display adapters) and then use the other two display adpaters I would purchase to power my two LG monitors. I would be running this on a Windows 7 Laptop (Dell Latitude e5410 w/ core i5 processor and 8gb ram) Please let me know if this setup sounds like it would work or not. If not could you direct me to any possible alternative solutions?

Will Jones

Hi Will,

Thanks for the question! Yes, no problem, the UGA-2K-A will be able to able to set both 1600x900 (if it’s one of the native modes of the monitor) and 1920x1080.

And that Dell Latitude with Core i5 has plenty of horsepower, and with an Intel GPU has minimal compatibility issues to think about.

So that looks like a setup that will work out quite well.

Thanks again!