Are there plans for a native 64-bit Mac OSX 10.6.6 driver ?

If would be good to have a native 64-bit driver for OSX/Mac.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for posting and asking. We actually haven’t yet put a formal request into ASIX on when they will be shipping native 64-bit binaries, and they’ve not otherwise made any announcements that we know of.

We’ll ask them. If you can add any particular customer impacts here, we’ll also include it in our request.

Thanks again - these kinds of questions/requests are helpful.


With a 64-bit OS…it’s nice to have everything running 64-bit native…likely produces better all round system performance.

Hi Simon,

ASIX has now added support for the 64-bit architecture to their drivers.

On the Gigabit driver page however it seems they haven’t changed their website listing to reflect the change. It still says ’ For Apple x86 and Power PC platforms’, however when you download the driver and look at the history.txt file you can see

'Version 3.5.0 (2011-04-28)

  1. Added the x86_64 architecture support.’

You can download the latest drivers for the Gigabit adapter (AX88178) from here:

You can download the latest driver for the 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (AX88772) here:

Let us know if you have any problems or need any help with those!



Thank you for the info, as I’ve checked that page every few days for a while now and saw the May 17 update but did not download it due to the description not changing.

However, I have installed it and seem to have the same issue of it not picking up a DHCP address and a static address has no connectivity. Thoughts?



Hi Doc,

Quick question: was your system booted into 64-bit mode when the new driver was installed? I can imagine the installer keying off what mode the kernel is currently in.

If the system wasn’t, can you try a driver re-install while in 64-bit mode?

If that still doesn’t work, does it actually still work in 32-bit mode?

Thanks for getting back with these datapoints on the new ASIX driver!


Hello, Bernie. Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve recently installed the latest Lion developer preview which does not currently have a 32 bit mode. I understand if you guys don’t want to deal with Lion, that’s fair enough, but so far everything else I’ve been using on it has been fine. The drive installs, it just has the same symptom as the x86 version did.

Thanks again!


Ah, we don’t have Lion here yet, and ASIX hasn’t said anything explicit on that yet. We know from other devices that Lion isn’t always compatible with pre-Lion 3rd party drivers (updates are required).

We’ll look to get a 10.7 answer on that from ASIX, and also word from others on 10.6.

We’ll look to contact you here Doc when ASIX has an explicit Lion update. But feel free to ping us!

Thanks for your patience,

I’ve installed the latest driver 3.5.0 for my AX88178 which I downloaded from ASIX website. Uninstalled and installed the drivers on my Macbook Air 10.6.7 running in 64bit. Works for a while but suddenly hangs with the green lights still on but no connection. Connect back internet via wireless and switch back to wired. Sometime works but at time not. Now reverting back to 3.4.0. Any solution to this?