Are Plugable USB hubs MTT or STT? (Multiple or single translators?)

In particular I’m looking to buy an new multiple port USB 3.0 hub. Does Plugable use Single Transaction Translator(STT) design or Multiple (MTT)?

Thanks for asking!

Our USB 3.0 hubs all use VIA chipsets, which unfortunately don’t support MTT.

Thanks for the reply Sam. I own a couple of Plugable 2.0 7 port hubs (AG-7’s) and love them but for a current project I really need 3.0 and MTT. Hopefully you folks have something in the way of a high port count (10+) powered MTT hub on the drawing board. If so give me a yell and I’ll order. Love the reliability and support for your products.

I’ll certainly let you know if we release such a product. Thanks for the praise!