Apple Display to a Lenovo Windows 7 notebook using the plugable mdp-hdmi adapter.

I have a Mac Display with a thunderbolt 2 connector in the back. I have it connected to a mini-display port (thunderbolt 2) to hdmi adapter (from and the hdmi cable in turn is plugged into the hdmi port of a lenovo E540 with windows 7 professional. The apple ddisplay is supposed to power itself up (no power buttons anywhere) when it plugs into the computer but it doesn’t. Does anyone else have this setup or problem?

Hi Gio,

Thanks for posting!

The adapter is only able to convert from a mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt source (PC output) to an HDMI input. It will not convert in the opposite direction, which is what you are attempting. (DisplayPort to HDMI adapters such as this are only able to convert in one direction, so they will all behave this way. We do mention this in the product listing, but we realize this type of technical detail can be overlooked.)

Since things won’t work for your intended configuration, a return of the adapter for a refund will be the best approach. If the purchase was within 30 days, the automated return system at is the quickest way to accomplish this.