Apple 23" mintor not working with UGA-125 adapter

HI there! I purchased a UGA USB 2.0 DVI display adapter. I installed the software and plugged in the Apple 23" monitor once the install was complete. THe Apple monitor works on another machine with a DVI graphics card, but remains blank when I plug it in the the UGA adapter. I’m running Windows XP Pro with SP 3 and have 2 GB of RAM on the machine. Why is the display not working with the adapter?

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with our UGA USB 2.0 DVI adapter!

We’ll get you up and running!

Some questions to narrow this down a little bit:
* Can you give us the model of the 23" monitor?
* Does the green LED on our adapter come on when connected to Windows XP ?

Once we have this information we can suggest next steps!


HI Lampros!

I believe I may have found the answer after I posted this question, but to answer your questions,

The Apple monitor (my apologies is a 20" and not 23") is Model number A108.

The LED light on the adapter does come on when it’s plugged in, and works find with a VGA monitor of my co-workers.

I believe that this post:…
answers my question and that the Apple monitor has too high a native resolution for the UGA adapter I purchased.

Can you confirm this?

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for that information!

By searching Google it looks like your A108’s native resolution is 1680 × 1050. Unfortunately the UGA-125 won’t go over 1400×1050.

The post you have found, has the full details for this issue. We never want customers stuck with products that aren’t right for them - we make returns easy through the Amazon return center.

For this monitor, we can recommend one of our other products. At this point the UGA-2K-A is sold out (we’ll have more in stock soon), but right now the UGA-165 is your best bet and will do 1680 × 1050 (and all the way up to 1920×1080) with no problems.

Sorry that we don’t have better news!

Please let us know if you need any further information!