Any work around for old PCI slot? Can't fit USB 3.0 card

I purchased a USB 3.0 I/O CARD, I find my motherboard has only PCI slots not PCI-E. Do I need to return the card to Amazon or is there a workaround?
This is on a Dell 8400 at least 8 years old. Tab on card does not line up. Reading others I believe I can’t use this card with my computer.
Luckly I also read Plugable is excellent re. returns.

Hi Ray,

Thanks for posting your question here! Our Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Two-Port Expansion Card only works on PCIe slots. Sorry about that!

Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction is very important to us. We never want customers to be stuck with products that are not right for them. So we offer 30 day hassle free returns via… .

We recommend you return the product for a full refund. Do let us know if you have any trouble with the return process.

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