Any USB 3.0 Ethernet adapters for Samsung Chromebook?

Was hoping to use a USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter in the USB 3.0 port on my Samsung Chromebook. Are there any USB 3.0 devices that are compatible?

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for contacting us, we’d be glad to help! We don’t know of any USB 3 Ethernet adapters that currently have compatible drivers on Chromebook. Support for the latest USB 3.0 ASIX chipset AX88179 is not yet included on Android and Chrome OS. We have tested our USB 2.0 generation adapters on the Samsung Chromebook however, and they both work well. Here are the links for your reference:

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions!


Ok, so I’m not just looking in the wrong places. Thanks a bunch for the quick reply Ellen!

Ellen, is this still the case for the Samsung Chromebook? I haven’t found a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter that claims compatibility. I’m in Kansas City and excited to take advantage of google fiber but wifi just can’t keep up.

Hi Creighton,

Thanks for asking! For now, ChromeOS only has support for the two adapters Ellen mentioned:

So for your Google Fiber setup (lucky dog!) the USB2-E1000 is the one to go with. You’ll get ~300Mbps speeds (USB 2.0 being the limiting factor).

Google has been working to add USB 3.0 support (88179 chipset), so we think it’s coming someday, but we don’t have any confirmed dates.

Thanks and best wishes!

Recent ChromeOS releases now support both AX88179 and RTL8153 (most releases) chips. Pluggable USB3-E1000 _should_ work now.

hello friends i have a asus c-200 and my question is compatible whit usb wifi 802 chipset RT8188 because the card of wifi is damaged.


Omar, please repost your question to chromium-os-devel mailing list?…

Or maybe start a new question about ChromeOS USB WIFI support?

Short answer is:

fgrep -R R8188EU */chromeos/config/

v3.14/chromeos/config/base.config:# CONFIG_R8188EU is not set
v3.18/chromeos/config/base.config:# CONFIG_R8188EU is not set

Realtek 8188 USB driver is not (currently) available for C200 or similar aged devices which use 3.10 or 3.8 kernel.

And this driver is NOT enabled for newer ChromeOS devices. This is much easier to change (to enable it) but still doesn’t mean this device will work. But enabling the driver is something you can ask for on chromium-os-devel mailing list.

thanks Grant

Hi Grant - Thanks for posting here! Yes! The answer here is now updated.

Thanks to your work, the Plugable USB3-E1000 now does work with all Chromebooks, including USB 2.0 Chromebooks for people looking to future-proof the adapter they buy. More details and where to buy at

ChromeOS has the best built-in USB network adapter support of any OS, combined with automatic updates, it’s a real boon for the user. Thanks again for your work !