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I’m trying to find a port replicator or docking station that I can plug into my Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 7 and hook up to my tv. I own a home in the Sac area and wish to use my hulu account at my other home in the Sierras. Whenever Hulu senses a connection from a different IP address you have to change your home location, and are limited to doing this four times a year. My two homes are in the same TV market (Sacramento/Stockton) but the change in location is noted. Using the smartphone is what Hulu recommends to avoid this, so I need an adapter that I can interconnect between the devices that will either support HDMI or displayport and throughput HDCP. Does this exist?

Hello Don,

I see that you also had an internal ticket with us, but would be happy to reply here for any future user with a similar question.

The Pixel 6 Pro and 7 do not support USB-C video output. Additionally, our devices are not officially supported on Android and DisplayLink does not support HDCP.

I am sorry we couldn’t be of more help in this regard.


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