Android phone as ethernet router with USB2RJ45 adapter

I am planning to use a mobile phone as access point for both wifi devices and ethernet connection too. I have found your microUSB to ethernet adapter and wonder if it would be possible to use that way. Do you have any experience about that use? Thanks!

Unfortunately we don’t have any experiences about using the adapter in that way.

In any cases, please remember that not all the Android phones are compatible with this Ethernet adapter. For example as far as we know this adapter isn’t compatible with any Samsung and LG phones. Since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver, if your phone’s manufacturer has built in the device driver for AX88772 chip set, this adapter can work. Otherwise there isn’t any way to make this adapter work.

Please check the Android compatibility list from here:…

If you think it’s worth to try, please do so and feel free to utilize the Amazon’s 30-days return policy it it didn’t work for your setup.

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