Android device unable to automatically connect to USB Bluetooth Adapter


I am unable to connect to the USB Bluetooth 4 Micro Adapter from my phone (LG G2). I am able to connect manually through the Device Control screen in Windows 7, but every time I leave my desk, I have to reconnect manually, which is not very convenient. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the driver package from the website and the disc. I have also assigned 3 Bluetooth Peripheral Device drivers to “Windows Mobile…” in order to eliminate the possibility that this was causing the issue. I was able to automatically connect to the built in bluetooth adapter with the same phone, so I know the issue is not with the device.

Do you have any other ideas about what might be preventing the device from connecting?

Hello Jason,

That’s a strange behavior. Generally, once you pair a device and both host and device are active, they stay paired until the device is out of range. Upon coming back in to range, the device should be looking to pair with the host and re-establish a connection automatically.

I noticed that you say you’re trying to use this in tandem with a built in adapter. What is the reason for this? There’s a fundamental incompatibility with systems that have built-in adapters. You can get an external adapter to somewhat work by disabling the built in device, but more often than not odd issues like this occur.


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick reply! I had connection, playback and delay issues with the built-in Atheros adapter and the Pluggable adapter has not had any of these issues, other than the one reported above.

I uninstalled the driver for the built-in adapter and then disabled it once stock windows drivers were automatically installed. I also thought it would be related to power management, but I have no such option in the device properties. Could this be indicative of an improper installation?

Although it is inconvenient to manually connect each time, the playback is perfect, so finding a fix is ideal but not required for regular use.

Please let me know if there is anymore information I can provide to aid in troubleshooting and thanks again for the help.

Hey Jason,

I should probably take a look at your system logs and see what’s going on. If you could, run our PlugDebug tool:

Send the zip file it creates to and I will take a look.