Android 6.0.1 Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

Is there a way l can make pro-8 to work with Lenovo yoga pro 3 Android 6.0.1

I like to use a large display screen with my tablet.

I had the pro-8 pluggable docking station already and l don’t want to buy a new one just for this Android tablet.

Lenovo-YT3-X90F is the hardware version


Thanks for asking! We’ve not tested that model here, so we’re unsure if it will be compatible or not. You can try connecting the dock to the tablet and see if charging and USB connectivity work simultaneously. If not, you may be able to use the dock without the charging functions and connect it to the tablet using a standard USB-A to USB-Micro B cable in which case the dock should work with any computer that can support DisplayLink USB graphics.

Depending on the ports your tablet has available you may need to add a USB Micro B OTG cable between the tablet and the USB-A to Micro B cable if there are no full size A ports on it.

As to DisplayLink support, see here:

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Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

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