Always ON / Need to physically press button after power off/cycle

Gonna just leave it here for future customers - if I knew it before I wouldn’t really buy.

This HUB forces you to press a “power” button on the case after power failure/disconnect. If you are planning to use it in some hard to reach place or remotely it could be a sad surprise.

Taping over button to be pressed all the time seems to work, but no idea if that not gonna ruin something else in a long run.

Manufacturer stays it’s to confront some EU regulations and there is nothing they can do with that.


Thanks for mentioning this!

Yes, this is unfortunately the case, and there’s not a lot we can do about it if we want to continue selling this product in a European Union country. There’s very good reasons behind this regulation, mainly that it combats vampire power, which at one point was consuming up to 30% of all power in homes.

Taping over the button should have no negative consequences, as the button is just a “soft button”, and holding it down does nothing beyond triggering a power on signal when power is lost.

If you hit any issues with the hub, please do reach out so we can help!