Almost brand-new UD-768PDZ Unit suddenly no longer powers on

New UD-768PDZ unit (purchased June 2023) - on Friday I left my home office docking station was working. This morning no power to the unit, while the power strip that all other devices running on is ok.

Tried unplugging/replugging power to back of docking station.
Tried unplugging/replugging adapter plug into different (working) outlet.
Tried unplugging/replugging cord that goes into the “brick”.

Nothing has worked. No fuses were tripped on the circuit this unit is on, and again, all other devices on same circuit working properly.

Any suggestions to try or do I simply have a dead unit?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for reaching out to us! I do apologize for the trouble with your UD-768PDZ!

I have responded to your direct ticket as well with some additional questions. Due to the nature of this ticket and the need to gather some sensitive information I will be marking this ticket as solved.

Plugable Support

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