All but the monitor are working fine..

Just bot the usb 3.0 docking station and the wireless mouse and keyboard combo are working fine. The monitor is not. The computer is HP (laptop) the monitor is LG and they both played nicely in the sand when I used the old docking station that came computer. Trying to use this new docking station to minimize the # of wires!

Please help. thanks

Hi David - Thanks for posting! It’s good to know the keyboard and mouse are working through the dock, which isolates things down to just the DisplayLink audio/video/network portion.

One thing to always double-check the first time a dock is setup: if you’re at the Windows Metro screen, there may be a dialog on the Windows desktop waiting before the driver install proceeds. Can you check for that and confirm if it seemed that installation of the DisplayLink driver finished successfully?

Along with that, I’d go to the Windows desktop and unplug/replug the dock and look for any errors during setup. Let us know if that seems to go smoothly or not.

And can you say what the make and model of the old docking station was? We’ll make sure there are not any known incompatibilities.

Thanks for your patience while we work to help!