Alienware with Nvidia CTX 770M and 4k display is not getting 4k.

Hi, I purchased 4k hdmi adapter and trying to use it with Alienware laptop that has Nvidia CTX 770M and Samsung C34F791 display. I was hoping to get 4k resolution from the display but I am getting 3440x1440 which I was getting without this adapter. Any help is appreciated

Hi Evgen,

Thanks for posting!

Looking at the specifications of your Samsung display online ->… your monitor’s maximum supported resolution is 3440x1440, so the Plugable adapter is working properly,

Even though our UGA-4KHDMI adapter is capable of higher resolution, it cannot force a monitor into a higher resolution than the monitor itself is physically capable of.

That said, we never want a customer stuck with a product that does not meet their needs so we offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy on all products sold by Plugable technologies and fulfilled by Amazon. The quickest way to return the item is via the automated system available at

Please let us know if that information helps!