Alienware R4 + USB- C - Plugable triple display dock

Hi everyone , , i have a PLUGABLE USB-C TRIPLE DISPLAY DOCKING STATION which i purchased for my other laptop (macbookpro) …

i just want to know if it will also work on Alienware R4 ?
and if it works how about charging , should i also connect the laptop charger along with docking station charger ?

has anyone tried it ? please help me out

For anyone viewing this thread, Vishal also reached out to us directly at

In summary, we don’t have the Dell Alienware R4 in our labs for testing nor have we had customer reports about it, so we cannot guarantee it will be compatible with the UD-ULTCDL dock. We’ve seen that older generations of Dell Alienware systems haven’t been fully compatible with the UD-ULTCDL (see compatibility chart:, so based on this the Dell Alienware R4 is also unlikely to be fully compatible and therefore we cannot recommend the UD-ULTCDL.

Additionally, we do not recommend our docking stations for gaming purposes, as it is likely you will encounter performance based issues with resource intensive applications. As such, we only recommend our products for web browsing and productivity software that doesn’t use up too many system resources. Using this dock for gaming is likely to result in frame rate issues and/or flickering displays.

Best wishes,

Plugable Technologies