Airpods Audio Cutting Out

Hey what’s up, trying to get my AirPods working properly. On Windows 10 and my Plugable is seated in a USB 2.0 hub off a USB 2.0 port off the back of my PC.

I have another set of headphones that work perfectly fine.

The problem is the audio will just cut out from time to time. I can get audio back quickly by switching the audio source from Headphones (AirPods Stereo) to Headset (AirPods Hands-Free) and then back to Headphones. It will work after that. But it’s kind of a pain.
-Sometimes the audio comes back after a couple of minutes if I don’t do anything

The Hands-Free audio quality is considerably worse.

I’m using default, Windows 10 drivers right now. Not sure exactly what, but my Windows updated recently.

Thanks for contacting us! I’m sorry about the troubles with your AirPods disconnecting from the adapter.

AirPods usually work well with the Plugable adapter and with Windows 10, so I suspect the problem is radio interference. However, there is also a possibility that there is a problem with the adapter itself. If that is the case, we will send a replacement immediately. If it is radio interference, we can usually find a work around that solves the issue.

I have a couple of quick questions:

  1. How far away is the USB 2.0 hub from the back of the computer?

  2. If you plug the adapter directly into the back of the computer, do the disconnections get worse?


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the hub is on top of my desk and the PC is on the floor. It’s about 2’ above the PC.

I plugged it into the back of the PC in a USB 3.0 slot. It’s about the same. Same issue with seating it on the front panel (USB 3.0) of the PC.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the adapter. I experienced the same issues with another USB bluetooth adapter from Sabrent, that’s why I bought the Plugable.

Some possible interference:
-Logitech Unifying Receiver for Keyboard (USB 2.0 Hub)
-Logtech Wireless Gaming Mouse USB Receiver (USB 2.0 Hub)
-USB Wi-Fi (Back of PC)

My other wireless headphones continue to work fine no matter the USB slot. The Airpods work fine when paired with my phone.

I apologize for the delay in answering. It’s been pretty busy the last two days.

I think the most likely cause of the problem is interference from the computer itself. In our experience, interference from Logitech dongles is rare. Also, while WiFi can cause problems, that is also pretty rare.

We will send you a six-foot USB 2.0 extension cable that should allow you to get the adapter (and hub) far enough away from the computer to avoid interference from it. If it works, we’ve probably found the problem. If not, we can look at other things.

Could you please email us directly at with your Amazon order number for the adapter and your preferred shipping address? Please case #238150 in the subject of your email.

Plugable Support

Hi Matt,

We have sent the cable. Please see our email sent directly to you for tracking information.


Plugable Support

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