Airplay not working under Monterey on M1 or M1 Max with the E2500 Adapter


As the subject says - getting good performance with this adapter but noticed that I can no longer AirPlay from any machine this adapter is connected to. Disconnecting this device and AIrPlay immediate works (over WiFi). Replacing this device with a Belkin or alternative model USB-C adapter, AIrPlay immediate works.

Any ideas?

Hello Dylan,

Unfortunately I don’t have any immediate ideas as to what may be causing this. The driver integration is handled by Apple themselves as part of the cdc_ncm driver.

Threads in Apple’s support forums suggest that this behavior can be affected by settings within your router, WMM in particular.

Could you check to see if there is a setting like this within your router, and if there is any change in the behavior?

I look forward to hearing back.

Thank you,

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WMM doesn’t apply at all to Ethernet and most people in that thread don’t seem to understand that. There are even suggestions in the linked thread that “Airplay isn’t designed to work over Ethernet”, which is patently absurd.

The issue is definitely not on my network. Connected a thunderbolt dock using an Intel E1000 chipset, Airplay works. Same computer connected to a Belkin USB-C Ethernet adapter connected to the same ethernet cable: Airplay works. Ditto a cheap Amazon Basics USB-C Ethernet adapter.

The Pluggable 2.5Gbps adapter = no Airplay works.

I appreciate it may be in the driver and I’ll file a bug report with Apple over it.

Hello Dylan,

Just to note it, I did check macOS 12.3.1 with an Apple Silicon Mac while using the USBC-E2500, and I was able to use AirPlay for both audio (Onkyo AV receiver) and video (LG B9 OLED). It may still be worth checking the configuration of your router for possible configuration issues, just in case.

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I don’t have the Plugable, but the Anker with that Realtek Chip. It has the same issue on my M1 und i9 MacBook Pro. The error shows up immediately after selecting the AirPlay device, you don’t need to hit play. It seems also that this affects only AirPlay 2. Airfoil works for me, wich should only use AirPlay 1.


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