After Windows 10 update USB 3.0 hub not working

I successfully installed, used and loved my plugable USB 3.0 dual display HUB.
I have speakers (non USB), Ethernet, 2 1080p monitors, USB keyboard, a USB mouse and USB Webcam connected. As well as a USB serial port. It was a joy since two cables and my laptop was mobile.

But then Windows updated on 10/25/2017.

So after a reboot, I hoped everything would work. My displays work, but not any USB device connected.

I downloaded and installed the latest Display Link driver and hoped that would resolve it.

I use a ethernet cable on my USB hub, that works. I use speakers (NON usb) they work.

Anything I plug in to the USB does not. From a Microsoft ergo KBD to a logical webcam. They all use to work. Anything other than running plugdebug that I can do?

Directions received from Marc at tech support
The individual issue you are running into can sometimes occur after an update, and it is due to the hub drivers not correctly communicating after the update. When you have a moment, please follow these directions and let me know if it resolves the issue:

  1. Remove the AC Adapter from the back of the docking station
  2. Remove all connected devices to the docking station
  3. Remove the USB 3.0 cable that goes from the docking station to your system.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. After 30 seconds, please reconnect only the AC Adapter to the docking station.
  6. Wait 10 seconds
  7. After 10 seconds, please reconnect only the USB 3.0 cable to your system
  8. Reboot your system
  9. After the reboot completes, and you are back onto the desktop, connect each device to the docking station 1 by one and test to make sure everything is connecting.

For those who wish to repeat my successful steps

I connected the network cable first, (tested)
then my speakers (direct, not usb) (tested with Skype)
then my USB Keyboard, (tested)
then the logitech web cam, (tested with Skype)
then moved the mouse from the side of the lap top back to your HUB, (the obvious test)
then connected the White Display cable
then the HDMI USB cable.

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for posting this information! We will make sure that it is available for other customers to view, just to make sure if anyone else runs into the same issue, they have all of the instructions for alleviating the issue!

If anyone has any additional questions or a similar issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at

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