Adding external monitors using DMS-59 to VGA splitter cable

I currently use a lenovo pc with a “DMS-59 to VGA” Y-splitter in order to use two monitors (extended, not mirrored). This works great, but I now have a new laptop and want to hook it up to the Plugable UD-3000 docking station. Can I use the same splitter or a similar scenario in order to add two external monitors (extended, not duplicated) in addition to my laptop screen? To be honest, I was at first looking at the Kensington docking station, but with all the reviews talking about Plugable’s excellent customer support I think I’d rather go with the Plugable if I can make it work!

Hi Darra-

Thanks for posting with your question!

For adding additional displays via the UD-3000, we’d recommend using additional USB graphics adapters like the ones here: 3.0 Graphics Adapters

USB 2.0 models are also fine, however for best performance USB 3.0 adapters are recommended.

You’re welcome to give the DVI splitter a shot, however this may cause issues that we’re not able to resolve. In the past I’ve sometimes seen issues with this sort of splitter, results vary with a number of factors loke OS version, video card, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies