Adding 2 monitors to laptop What product

I want to hook up 2 monitors to my laptop but I don’t want them to mirror one another, which one of your products would handle this? How many would I need to hook up 2 monitors? I do not want my laptop monitor to blackout.

Hi Boyd,

Thanks for asking ahead!

That’s exactly what our USB graphics adapters (like ) are for. They support both mirroring another monitor, or extending as a fully independent display for creating a big extended desktop (up to 6 USB adapters + monitors, plus the one or two built-in to your PC, for a total of 8 max on Windows).

Windows 7 has the most mature support for multiple monitors, but all recent Windows and Mac versions work well.

So if your laptop has an external monitor port, so you’re able to get to 1 external monitor already, you’ll just need one of our USB graphics adapters to get that 2nd external monitor. If your laptop doesn’t have an external monitor connection, then you’ll need two USB adapters.

Here’s our full list of options for graphics adapters:…

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions!

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My question was specific in that it is with regard to a particular model of the Surface Book 2 with an 8th gen Core-I7, Nvidia 1060 graphics plus an Intel graphics as well running Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition. I have read that there are issues going to 4K without thunderbolt ports. The Surface Book 2 has 2 USB-A 3.0 and one USB-C and a proprietary MS port. There are no video out ports. The question had to do with which one, if any of the pluggable docks would support 1 or 2 4K monitors, hopefully at 60mhz knowing there is no Thunderbolt port on the device. From looking at the Pluggable site it would seem that you have tested some of your products with a Surface Book 2 so I am looking for a recommendation as to which of your USB docking stations would best support 4K monitors with this device.