Adding 2 monitors to a laptop

I have an HP laptrop with a port that I have been running a monitor off of so I have 2 screens (the laptop and the monitor). I added the UGA-2K-A to run a 3rd screen. However, it is showing a mirror image of the laptop screen. I would like to have 3 screens to drag and drop images and web pages to. Is this possible? Thanks!

Thanks Bernie! That worked marvelously. I really appreciate the answer and am impressed that you personally answer these questions so rapidly. You clearly have great pride in your company and I’m a fan! I’ll be buying more products from you in the future!

Nick, thanks again for your kind words! Since we sell directly through Amazon, the reviews there make a huge difference. If we can provide a great experience, and customers give us 5-star reviews, it’s a virtuous cycle. So we really appreciate any reviews there. Thanks again for choosing our products!

Hi Nick - Yep, that should be no problem. On Windows XP, Vista, or Win7, just look on the right side of your system tray for the displaylink applet. Click on that, and select Extend for your DisplayLink screen.


You can also control mirror/extend from the operating system display control panel (including the Windows-P key on Windows 7), just as you would with any other display.

Let us know if you have any trouble. Thanks!