Add "save as default" to digital microscope interface

I sent this as an email to support before I discovered this community. My suggestion is this:

There does not appear to be any way to get the software to save its settings. So every time I open it I need to change the resolution, brightness, etc. to match my preferences. It would be really nice to be able to save those settings, in an .ini file, for example.

Note that the Related Product Tag is for the older microscope model 200 X. The newer model 250 X is not available as a selection in the Related Product box.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We actually did it this way intentionally. This is because Digital Viewer is a universal webcam viewer. It senses what each UVC device attached to your computer is capable of on launch, then creates menu settings based on those capabilities.

If we were to have the program save the settings, it could cause some issues if the microscope weren’t detected. Our original microscope and software did this, and it caused nothing but problems.

Hey Sam, thanks for the quick response, and also the email reply.
I understand that choice.

Still, it seems one might be able to manually plug a default setting into the config.ini file, just as there are settings for timed shots, movie resolution, etc.

photo is a tick that was on me this morning
Thanks again! !](](