Add HDMI monitor to UD-3000 with DVI only

Hi. My UD-3000 is many years old (I love it) and has DVI but no HDMI port. The monitor is ASUS VS247H-P with 1920x1080 resolution. I recently upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 with HDMI output and want to connect the HDMI from the monitor to the UD-3000 DVI or USB port. Will the UGA-2KHDMI fit the bill? And how will this perform? Thanks!

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for posting, and thank you for the kind words about our docking station they are much appreciated!

Looking online at the specifications for your monitor (…) it appears the monitor also has a DVI input in addition to the HDMI input. This should allow you to use a standard DVI to DVI cable to connect the Asus monitor to the UD-3000 dock. Put another way, I don’t believe you need to buy anything additional to connect the monitor to the dock assuming you already have a DVI cable on hand (the monitor specifications indicate a DVI cable was included in the box with the monitor).

Please let me know if that information helps or if you have any additional questions!