Add 3rd screen to HDMI & DisplayPort monitors driven by Radion R5 340X?

I have a Dell box that uses a Radion R5 340X card to drive an ASUS HDMI monitor and a Dell DisplayPort monitor. I want to add a third screen to this. Is there anything that will work for this application? What types of monitors would it support for the third monitor?

Hi Mark, thanks for posting! Unfortunately, when examining the specs of the AMD Radeon R5 340X card (…) it appears that the maximum number of displays it supports is 2.


Based off of these specifications it seems that you wouldn’t be able to add a 3rd screen while directly connecting to the GPU.

You may be able to use a USB-enabled graphics adapter like our UGA-3000 adapter ( It can be used with monitors with DVI, HDMI and VGA connections (HDMI and VGA can be used with passive adapters that come with the unit). Our USB-graphics adapters use DisplayLink technology in order to run, and DisplayLink has a compatibility check tool here –>… in order to determine if your system is compatible with the required software.

I hope this helps!

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David W.
Plugable Technologies