Adapter stopped working

Worked great yesterday (and for the last ~6 months), but today I turned on my laptop to find that not only does the 3rd monitor (connected through this device) not work, but when it’s plugged in the 2nd monitor (mini display port) doesn’t work either…

Tried uninstalling and installing newest driver - same problem.

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Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry to hear that you are running into this issue, but I would be more than happy to assist.

Based on the description of the issue you are experiencing, we may need a little more information in order to determine what could be causing the issue. When you have a moment, please visit and following the instructions for downloading and running our PlugDebug diagnostic software. Once the application completes, a .zip file will appear on your desktop, please attach this .zip file to a direct email, and send it to Please include “Ticket no. 239047” in the subject line, so that we can keep all of your information in the same place.

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Hi Everyone,

We attempted to reach out to Mardukii to obtain some additional information regarding their issue, but we did not receive any response back. If Mardukii would like to continue troubleshooting, or anyone else is experiencing a similar issue, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

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