Activity indicator on lay-flat dock seems a little dim...



This is more of a comment than a question, but I just received one of your lay-flat docks, and it seems to be performing pretty well, but I’m a little disappointed in the activity indicator/light. I guess that i’m a little picky about activity indicators, but when it’s showing activity (it looks like it blinks red) it’s very dim. Even when I look straight down on it, when the drive is being accessed, I can barely detect that it’s “blinking” red/blue. I suppose that this is because you’re using the same light as both a power indicator and activity indicator. I know that some people complain about drive lights being too bright, but I’d like the lights to at least be somewhat more detectable when sitting a few inches away from the drive/dock. Again, just a comment.


Thanks so much for the feedback! As you say, we often get it both directions - “too bright!” or “too dim!”. But we want to get it right, and the feedback is heeded and appreciated. We work to improve products with every batch, so we often get a chance to apply changes. Thanks again!



Thanks for understanding the “critique” and accepting it in the spirit in which it was given!