Active Bluetooth USB Adapter for Power Up Wireless Keyboards

I just purchased a Plugable Bluetooth USB Adapter to use with my HP
TouchSmart Desktop PC, model IQ840, to interface a Lenvovo Model S6047Z2
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with ThinkPoint. I am using OpenSUSE Leap
42.3 instead of Windows Vista. I am hoping the Plugable Bluetooth USB
Adapter will allow me to store the Bluetooth pairing of the Lenvovo
Model S6047Z2 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard onboard so when the HP
SmartToch either powers up or reboots, the Lenovo Wireless Bluetooth
Keyboard will work to go into CMOS Set-up by pressing F9, etc? I have
been searching the internet for such a Bluetooth USB Adapter and I hope
this one is it? If it’s not, could you tell me where I can get one?

Thank you,

David A. Smith

Hi David,

Thank you for posting your question.

I’m sorry to say that what you are hoping for is not possible. The Bluetooth pairing information is stored in the operating system and won’t be available until Linux starts up. Also, the Bluetooth adapter is discovered and set up and the Bluetooth software is started as part of the Linux start up procedure. Until then, the computer will not be able to use it.

There are some computer models that have rudimentary Bluetooth keyboard support built into the BIOS, but this is rare, and it usually only works with built-in Bluetooth adapters. Otherwise, if you need to access BIOS settings during start up, you’ll have to use a USB keyboard. If you need a wireless keyboard, I recommend one that has a proprietary adapter, such as a Logitech wireless (non-Bluetooth) keyboard. These handle all the radio within the dongle, and present to the computer as a USB keyboard, which means they can access the BIOS, since USB keyboard support is built into modern BIOS setups.

If this was the only purpose you had in mind for the Plugable adapter, please feel free to take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day return policy to get a refund.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Plugable Support