About UD-3900H capability

I had UD-3900H working fine so far with my 19201080 monitors. Then I plan bought new monitor Asus proart PA278QV which is 25601440 @60Hz, my question is will this 3900H be able to fully display my new monitor?
I’m using Acer NITRO5 AN515-57 laptop which run on RTX3070.

Edit1: I’m so confuse with this information on 3900H product, what’s the emaning of *2 4K 60Hz on the same model?

Hi there!

Typically, the UD-3900H supports up to two external displays with resolutions up to 1920x1080 (Full HD) at 60Hz each. However, when it comes to higher resolutions like your ASUS ProArt monitor’s 2560x1440, the UD-3900H may not support this resolution at 60Hz across both ports.

Since you are planning to use a single monitor with a higher resolution, it’s possible that the dock may support 2560x1440 on one display output. However, the refresh rate will be dropped to 50Hz, and you will need to be sure to connect your ASUS monitor to the HDMI port on the dock and not the DVI port.

I hope this information helps!

Michael S.

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