A topsy-turvy kind of day

I have absolutely loved my Plugable Super Speed USB 3.0 Docking Station. However, on Thursday I plugged in and my display on both my tablet and my monitor flipped upside down. It is fine when I am unplugged from my pluggable, but as soon as I plug in it flips on both devices. Any suggestions?

Wow, fun and nauseating at the same time!

When the world turns upside down… turn to the Windows’ display control panel.

Because Windows keeps separate settings for each unique set of monitors … you’ll need to re-configure the settings with the extra monitor attached … which will mean re-configuring while your screens are flipped. So some trickly upside-down mouse movement will be needed.

Plug in the extra monitor, hit the Windows-R hotkey and run desk.cpl:


Then click on each of the two monitors. You’ll likely see the orientation as “landscape (flipped)”. Change each of them to “landscape”. And hit “apply”.

It’s a bit of a mind-bending game to get the mouse where you need to go … but perhaps a fun challenge.

Let us know if something else is off. Hope that helps get your world right side up.