A docking station that works with a Citrix session on a iPad

I have read somewhere that this docking station can alleviate screen issues with iPads.


My question is:- My manager has to use a Citrix mouse when using a thin client connection on a iPad which is plugged into an external monitor as a normal mouse pointer is not shown on the monitor when the screen is “stretched to fit”. will this dock resolve the problem? If so do you have a dual screen dock.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for joining our forums and for reaching out with your question. I can’t say for sure if the dock will help in this particular instance for the Citrix mouse. However, you’re welcome to try it out to see since we do have a 30-day no-hassle return policy and we’ll issue a full refund if the device doesn’t work out and you’d like to return it.

The UD-CAM dock is compatible with the iPad Pro devices that have USB-C ports, however the iPad Pro only supports a single display so it will not be compatible with our dual-display docks.

Please let us know if you have questions and also let us know if your manager does try this out as it would be great to know if this can help for other Citrix users.

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