a connected cord caught fire.

logitech k800 keyboard cord plugged into this usb charger set on fire no warning.
Good thing i was in the room.
The house could have burned up.

Hi Belvar,

Thanks for posting. That’s certainly scary.

We saw your reviews that came in at the same time, which have some additional detail:

Devices determine how much power to pull, and a keyboard typically pulls little. So something definitely happened here. One thing to look out for is a frayed cord - that’s the sort of thing that could cause a problem. Can you say where the melting or visible damage is - between computer and hub, or hub and keyboard?

Also, you mentioned in the review you’ve been using the hub for 2 years. Do you have the Amazon order # (if it’s our hub, it will have been emailed back then) – with that, we can look up the detail of timeframe (and thus batch).

Again, my apologies and thanks,