800 x 480 resolution with USB 2.0 Display Adapter?

I have a Lilliput 889 display with at native resolution of 800x480. While the display supports other resolutions, everything gets stretched disproportionately. So, I’d like to get the DisplayLink/Plugable device to output 800x480.

Currently, 800x480 is not an option either in the Windows(XP) panel, nor in the list of the DisplayLink GUI options.

Is there any way to force it to use 800x480? (I’ve tried a couple other 3rd party apps to create custom resolutions, but I haven’t got any of them to work).


Hi Ross,

Thanks for your question. When a monitor is connected to a DisplayLink device, the available resolutions are those that the monitor reports through its extended display identification data (EDID). The Lilliput 889 does not report 800x480 as a supported resolution through its EDID. There is no way to force a DisplayLink device to use a resolution that the monitor does not report as a valid option for itself.

If you purchased your Plugable adapter to output to this Lilliput 889, we encourage you to return the adapter to Amazon for refund. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Plugable Technologies