Hello All,

I am thinking to buy some products from plugable but I want your confirmation about it please:

I will use 8 screens on one computer I’ll use the following hardware:

First question: are these hardware can do the job?

Second question: if I have 8 porsts on the computer can I use the “ADAPTER” directly without the HUB?

Thanks so much.

Hi Brhan,

Thanks for posting!

I don’t think our products will be a good fit. Our USB graphics adapters are dependent on both the CPU and integrated graphics processor in your system to function and each additional unit requires more resources. With that many adapters the performance may not meet your needs, and many modern USB 3.0 systems can limit how many USB devices can be connected to your system so you may run into a limitation that would prevent all of them working properly (this can happen with them directly connected or with a hub).

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


I really don’t understand this response in light of what I find printed on your product description for the Dual Head USB3-3900 DHE at Newegg.com:

“Provides SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (5 Gbps) link from PC to video and Ethernet. Connect up to 16 total monitors to Windows-based laptops, desktops, or tablets (one adapter can drive up to two monitors)”


And especially in light of this post:

Has something changed?