7 port USB cause Imac27" to shut down regularly. Hub 3-HUB7-81X

I bought this hub last March and it seemed to work ok for some time. Then my iMac OS 10.8.5 started shutting off unexpectedly. There didn’t seem to be any consistency in it happening but usually while using Adobe Photoshop (probably because I use that a lot). I have spent umpteen hours at the repair shop trying to figure this out. While this computer was in the shop I hooked the hub up to my old G4 mac, OS10.4.11 and the hub wouldn’t work at all. Now back to the iMac, I have gone through an extensive trial of removing each peripheral to find if any might be the cause. Your USB hub won. What have you to say to fix or replace the hub.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support, and sorry to hear about the issues encountered while using our hub- we’ll be happy to help!

Hub units purchased last March had firmware updates that may help with this sort of issue:

If this doesn’t help, so we don’t have to play 20 questions to be able to recommend the right troubleshooting steps, could you please run our support tool, PlugDebug, and submit the .zip file it creates on your desktop? Please be sure to send this to support@plugable.com rather than posting back here with that.

Please be sure to have the hub attached directly to a USB port on your computer while running the tool as this helps us to collect relevant errors about the device when the tool is run. Being able to review complete system details in a standard format helps us to more quickly recommend the right steps.

Instructions to download and use PlugDebug are at the link below:

Once we’ve had a chance to review the support logs from PlugDebug to see exactly the state of the device and several details about the system’s hardware and software state we’ll be able to recommend the right steps.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and and best wishes!

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies