7 port superspeed usb 3 hub - Windows 7 blue screen and problems

I have an Asus p8z77-i deluxe motherboard. I just bought your usb 3.0 7 port hub. When I plug it into the back usb 3 port on the computer, I get a blue screen windows 7 crash.

I am also using a usb wireless Logitech keyboard. If I have your 7 port hub connected before boot, the system will not recognize my usb mouse and keyboard.

Once again the user (me) is caught between Microsoft crap, a motherboard manufacturer, various drivers, and you. Who’s at fault? Why doesn’t this just plug in and work? Now I waste hours trying to troubleshoot and diagnose problems that I didn’t create! How frustrating!

Hello Derek,

I suggest that you update the USB 3.0 drivers and also update the BIOS on your motherboard:

“Enhance compatibility with some USB devices.”


ASMedia USB 3.0 drivers:


Since I’ve not heard back I’m closing this thread. If you need more help contact us at support@plugable.com