4k secondary display detection error


I just started setting up my DisplayLink plugable triple display docking station and I am having a problem with one of the ports.

I am attaching a second monitor that I am extending my screen onto, the problem is that my 4k HDMI port does not register the monitor. I know it is not the cable as I am able to get it to work on the standard 2k HDMI port. The monitor is a 4k monitor so It will support 4k input.

Do I need to enable that port on the dock to project through or is there a special setting that needs to be engaged?

Hello Trevor,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support. Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be happy to assist.

It actually could be the cable, or your computer. The 4K port operates differently and uses what is known as USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode to drive it directly from the graphics card in the computer. Not all computers with USB-C support this, and not all cables do either.

Make sure you’re using the stock cable that shipped with the dock and also please let me know what make and model computer you have that you’re trying to use the dock with.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Joshua Henry,

Your solution mostly worked, I am now getting signal through the 4k port, now the only problem is that there is no sound through the monitor. When in the audio setup menu the monitor’s speakers are being detected, but they are not producing sound and are not muted on the monitor itself.

Are there any other settings that may effect that?

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the update.

Can you tell me what model monitor you have? Also are you on a Mac or PC?