4k on a macbook pro (late 2011) from thunderbolt to HDMI

i have a samsung 4k Tv set that i would like to use with my macbook pro (late 2011), will the mini display to HDMI active adapter give me a 4k resolution on such old mac ? did anybody try this already ?

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Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to answer your question. I also responded to your direct email to support@plugable.com as well.

Our adapter depends on the capabilities of the graphics adapter inside your system to drive the display, so if the specifications of your Macbook Pro do not list 4K support then our adapter will not provide it.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

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DisplayPort Dual-mode Standard version 1.1 allowing Type 2 passive HDMI adapters (up to HDMI 1.4 speeds) was released after 2013, so this MacBook Pro from 2011 will definitely need an active adapter to get 4K@30Hz.

The specs of the MacBook Pro (Late 2011) are here:

It has a Thunderbolt 1.0 Port which includes DisplayPort 1.1a. DisplayPort 1.1 has the bandwidth for 4K@30Hz. So if it doesn’t work, then it’s a problem with Apple’s drivers.

If the desired resolution doesn’t exists, and you can’t add it using a program like SwitchResX, then you can try a patch:

Hi Joevt,

Thanks for adding to the post. In the case of the MacBook Pro (late 2011) model, the limiting factor would most likely be the combination of the software driver provided by Apple for the internal Intel HD 3000 graphics adapter and hardware limitations of the HD 3000 adapter itself.

Intel’s specs of the HD 3000 are here -> https://software.intel.com/en-us/arti… speak to the maximum output being 2560x1600 which matches Apples specifications.

Intel also spoke to this in their support forum here -> https://communities.intel.com/thread/…

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