3rd monitor shows wavy/flickery like theres a voltage issue

My GPU is “AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200” and Im using Windows 7 Home Premium.
Today is the 1st day I set up plugable.
1st setup:

  1. laptops own VGA connected to extra monitor
  2. adapter connected to TV screen through HDMI
    as soon as adapter is connected to laptop, the monitors shows wavy/flickery (other screens, ie laptops own monitor and tv screen, are showing fine), when unplug the adapter, it shows fine.

2nd setup:

  1. TV connected to laptops own HDMI
  2. adapter connects monitor through VGA
    This setup completely bypasses the HDMI, so TV shows nothing as long as adapter stays connected, and monitor via adapter-VGA shows wavy/flickery

3rs setup:
Only connect the monitor though adapter-VGA, no problems. It shows just fine.

SO if feels like when 2nd extra monitor comes into play the electric power is becoming not enough or some kind of voltage mismatch/issue.
Please solve my problem

For anyone interested ~

So far the wavy image issue appears to be resolved by switching to a digital connection and we continue to work on the rest.


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