3rd monitor flickers on and off

My third monitor that is connected to the USB 2.0 docking station continually flickers on and off. I’ve checked all the cables and have even replaced the dvi cable and usb cable that connects to the docking station. When I disconnect the monitor and plug it directly into a stand alone computer, it works fine. Any suggestions as to what the issue is?

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for asking, and thanks for mentioning the cabling changes you’d already tried.

A few questions to try to figure out whether this is likely a software/driver problem or hardware problem:

  1. Has the flickering been there since day one, or did it start at a certain point?
  2. What operating system are you running?
  3. What is the primary GPU in your system (Intel/nVidia/Intel)?

If we don’t have something jump out from the answers to those questions, the next step will be to ask you to run the displaylink debug tool to gather the full set of info from your system: http://www.displaylink.com/support/ti…


Hi Bernie,

  1. Yes, this has been happening since day 1
  2. Win 7 64bit Home Premium
  3. Intel HD Graphics


Just tried the latest driver DisplayLink 5.4, and the monitor has the same issues. I’ll email my Amazon order # to the provided address.

I truly appreciate your tech support.


Hi Bernie,

Replacement worked! Thanks!! Wil be sending the defective unit to the address specified.


Great to have you up and running. Thank you!!

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the clear reply.

It unfortunately sounds like a hardware issue. Win 7 64-bit Home Premium should be fine. And Intel GPUs generally have the least compatibility issues in combination with DisplayLink’s drivers.

Can you try one long shot before we come to this conclusion: Try the latest DisplayLink 5.4 beta one driver. You can register and download here: http://displaylink.org/forum/showthre…

If that doesn’t work, please email your Amazon order # (from their email to you when you ordered the product) to support@plugable.com and we’ll get you fixed up with a replacement unit.

Thank you!