3 monitors: duplicate one, extend one

I have a desktop computer and three monitors. I purchased one usb 3.0 hub and two UGA-3000 USB 3.0 Multi-Display adapters. I have the primary monitor connected directly to the desktop with VGA. I have the two other monitors plugged into the adapters and into the hub. I am attempting to duplicate the primary monitor onto one screen and extend my screen onto the other. With this setup it is only duplicating the image on the primary monitor onto the other two screens. Please tell my how to achieve the a duplicated image on one and extended on the other. I have Windows 10.

Hi Gabriella,

Thanks for posting! As you have already reached out to us directly via support@plugable.com we’ll continue to work with you directly to troubleshoot the problem.

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Dear Gabriella,

I don’t know if you have gotten the answer you need yet, but you need to get a nice little piece of software called Ultramon. It’s made by Realtime Soft. It allows you to do pretty much anything you want with multiple monitors. I believe it has a trial period that lets you test it and make sure it suits your needs. I’ve used it for many years and it’s a part of my regular toolbox.


Hi Raul,

Thanks for the suggestion. The Ultramon utility most likely would not have helped with the original posters issue, but utilities like Ultramon and Actual Multiple Monitors can help extend the capabilities of Windows when necessary. Thanks again for the tip!