3 hdmi monitors to laptop

Hello, I have 3 monitors, all hdmi. I would like to connect them with laptop via usb 3.1 (not usbc). Can you advice me some solution either a dock station with 3x hdmi or should I buy reductions from hdmi to usb and then go for a hub? Thank you.

Thanks for your inquiry. We do not have a docking station with 3 HDMI outputs. That being said, please provide the following so I can give an educated recommendation:

  • GPU, CPU, RAM specifications of your computer
  • Model number(s) of monitors
  • Use case for extra monitors (apps being run, content to be displayed, etc)

I also encourage you to browse through our docking products to understand the available technologies. We provide comprehensive information about each product including overall capabilities and potential pitfalls:


Hi Sam, thanks for reply!

I will use it mostly for charting platforms, both application and online platform (Meta Trader 4, www.tradingview.com)

My laptop is HP Spectre (Intel Core i7 8550U Kaby Lake, Intel UHD Graphics 620, ddr3 16gb, USB-C available)

Monitors are AOC e2470sw

Take a look at the list under “System Compatibility” for the following product:


If your host is listed there as compatible with both USB-C video and DisplayLink video, you can use that to gain 3 monitors. You may need to use a DVI to HDMI adapter with those monitors.

If your host isn’t compatible with that dock, you can use a USB 3.0 hub of your choosing and 3 UGA-2kHDMI adapters:


I recommend fully reading the product page before purchasing any dock or adapter, we do our best to be as informative as possible there so any caveats or potential pitfalls are listed.

Thank you!