3.5" SATA HDD Power Issues


I just purchased the USB 3.0 3.5"/2.5" SATA HDD Docking Station. When I plug everything in including my 3.5" HDD the docking station won’t power on. When I remove my 3.5" HDD the unit will power on. I have tested this with a smaller 2.5" HDD and had no problems.

I purchased this docking station in an attempt to recover the data from the 3.5" HDD which was originally an external HDD.

Do you have any thoughts for why my HDD won’t allow the docking station to power on? Could it be that my HDD is corrupt? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Brett,

Thanks for contacting Plugable!

Sorry to hear that your USB hard drive dock is not functioning as it should. This is not a normal behavior.

If you have another hard drive, I suggest testing it to see if the issue follows the first drive or the dock.

If you do not have another hard drive handy, then I would reach out to your place of purchase for a replacement.

If you receive the replacement and the hard drive still is not detected, then I would assume that the issue is isolated to your hard drive.