3.0 for desktop to improve speeds but is not working as claimed

i got the 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter usb3-e1000 for my desktop to get faster speeds i was up graded to 200 msbp through twc and i plugged it in i run windows 10 32/64 gb, hp p2-1113w pavilion has the 10/100 on it and is not getting speeds like it proclaims i hook it up and i get 12msbp when not hooked up im getting 30-40msbp so what is issue? with the product light seem to work no issue there

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting. It sounds like unfortunately the bottleneck may be TWC (Time Warner Cable). A faster network adapter from the cable modem to the computer won’t help in that case.

If so, a refund is no problem. If you’re in the USA, just visit:

And in the UK:

We’d recommend that path for you, if there’s any doubt about whether our adapter can help. Please let us know any questions at all, thanks!