3.0 7-port hub / Windows 7 Home Premium

Just installed my new USB 3.0 7-Port Hub on a laptop with one 3.0 port (which works great with other things). It works - but it keeps making that Windows ‘new hardware found’ sound, and when I go to Device Manager it looks like it is trying to load something constantly refreshing. Help?

Hi Audrey-

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I’m sorry to hear about the constant device reconnecting on Windows 7 and I’ll be happy to help.  I’m hopeful about being able to solve these issues with some quick software updates.

Most of the issues like this we see on Windows 7 and earlier can be resolved by updating the system’s USB 3.0 host controller (xHCI) drivers.  Sometimes the PC’s manufacturer has good updated drivers, but more often they don’t. Finding these can be pretty hard for most customers.  The correct driver varies with the hardware in the PC, so we generally recommend just running our support tool, PlugDeubug, so we can see exactly what hardware and driver the system is running and recommend any updates we know help.

With the hub connected directly to your computer (not through any other hubs or USB extension cables, etc) please go to this page and follow the instructions there.  To submit your support logs please send the .zip to the email that shows onscreen when plugdebug finishes, and include a mention of ticket 49384 or a link to this thread:

For technical users who prefer to solve on their own, be advised that USB 3.0 xHCI drivers from before mid-2012 are frequently the source of trouble.  Systems running these older drivers also sometimes need host controller firmware updates, so just updating the driver may not be enough- this is particularly common with the early NEC/Renesas, Via, and some other less common host controllers.

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