2nd t.v monitor flashing in and out of black screen


We bought this device because when we were hooking up our laptop we were getting a huge black border on the t.v monitor. The device was able to project a full screen view. However it is flashing in and out to black screen. The black screen is 80% of the picture and the rest of the time it flashes on for a second or 2 then back to black. Any insights would be most helpful. Were using Windows 8.

Hi David

Thanks for getting in contact with us. I’d be more than happy to help you with your Plugable display product. In order to better assist you, I’ll need a bit of additional information.

First, what USB display device are you using?

Second, are you trying to duplicate or extend your laptop monitor?

Third, can you provide the make/model of the TV you are trying to use with the display adapter?

Lastly, could you please provide the logs produced by our tool Plugdebug, you can find it here and then send them to me at support@plugable.com.


Once we have those logs, we’ll start trying to figure out what exactly is going on with your setup.


Plugable Technologies