2nd monitor stopped showing up - plugged into pluggable

I’ve been using it fine with an Acer monitor and a Dell. Now, today - the Dell is black - nothing on it - (little light is yellow - meaning it’s got power. if it were green, it would mean that it was “on” or being used). So it’s got power. It’s been working. Now today, nothing. It’s not showing up in the monitor section when I go to see in the control panel . Says only the Acer is there. Everthing is connected.

I unplugged the Dell (as it’s going through the pluggable device). The monitor gave me a notice that is was unplugged… plugged it back in.

It’s something with the pluggable unit.

I have rebooted. This has happened before with the 2nd monitor not showing up and usually I can reboot and the 2nd monitor shows up. today, I have rebooted 4 times and still nothing. I really need this to work!!!

It’s a 2.0. version


Hi Joy,

Sorry your system is experiencing this problem!

A few quick questions:

  1. It sounds like you have a single USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter (probably model UGA-2K-A - visible on back of adapter). Is that correct?
  2. Are you connecting to the monitors with VGA (Blue cable, using the DVI->VGA connector included with the Plugable adapter) or with DVI (white cable, no extra connector)?
  3. Can you also reply with the full make/model of each of the two monitors. We’ll look up their specs (especially their max mode)
  4. Is this on Windows 7?

First thing I’d recommend is to double-check all connections to make sure they’re tight. From your description, it sounds like it could be a problem getting information about the display’s capabilities (EDID). That can be a problem with a VGA (analog) connection, it can be flaky with long or loose cables (explaining the intermittent nature of what you’re seeing), and is one of the substantial little advantages of DVI.

But there’s still a chance it may be other things. So just let us know how these first simple double-checks go.

Thank you for your purchase and patience while we work to help!

I have checked the connection as listed above and you see the result.

This seems to happen alot, but usually I can just reboot.

On the back of the adapter is says: model uga - 125

s/n 4015000600255

Is there something I should know about with windows 7? I think this is windows 7 as I got the computer back in Sept, but i’m not sure

Hi Joy,

Thanks for your reply!

The fact that reboots were solving the problem, points away from a problem with the hardware on the unit, and towards a connection or software problem.

Are you connecting with VGA (blue connector and cable) or other?

If you are, do your monitors have an option to connect with DVI (white connector and cable)? Do you have a DVI cable handy?

Thank you!

White cable?? I just used the cables that came with it. from computer ~ USb to device. then there’s an inbetween thingy that connects the actual monitor to the device. that’s it.

Hi Joy, We’d like to call to help.

Can you email your amazon order # and the best number to reach you to support@plugable.com - we’ll get on the phone and should hopefully be able to make progress quickly.

Thanks again for your patience!

I just rebooted and it’s working. I will send this info to you if it stops again and get on the phone. it is frustrating. i need to get some work done now.

Hi Joy,

Definitely email support@plugable.com if/when it happens again. I’m currently suspecting a problem with the VGA cable or connection. Tightening them up and/or using a shorter VGA cable is the first thing we’ll try. We’ll also check if your monitors are DVI capable, since a DVI connection wouldn’t have the problems VGA can.

Thank you and our apologies for the delay in your work!