2nd display did not wake up after I was away

I got a 2nd display set up for an XP machine. It was working fine for 2 hours. I went to a meeting and came back, the 2nd display went dark and I could not use it anymore. Unplug/replug the USB could work around the problem. But I don’t want to have to do this everytime I am away. Is there a setting somewhere to wake up the 2nd display?

The 2nd display woke up after installing the new driver. It has worked twice today.

Glad to hear the latest driver solved this issue. Thank you for posting back to let everyone know the result!

I tried this, but the message I got when installing the software was that I already had the latest Displaylink driver.

I remember seeing the same message. I probably uninstalled then reinstalled the latest driver to get around it.

Hi Pi - Thanks for your question, and sorry you’re experiencing this problem!

It’s good to know we have the short-term workaround of unplug/replug.

Let’s try to figure out the root problem now.

Some questions/things to try
* Are you on the latest DisplayLink drivers (version 5.5 dated Sept 29th from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…)?
* Can you say what graphics controller you have? (Intel, nvidia, ati)?
* Has this been a one-time problem so far, or does it reproduce every time your machine sleeps? And is XP set to put the machine in “standby” or in “hibernate”?

Thanks for your answers - we’ll work to get this figured out. Thank you!