Enjoying the rave reviews of your products on Amazon. I have an issue connecting a Dell laptop via hdmi to the Dell 3007WFP 30" monitor that only does 2560x1600 via dual link dvi. My hdmi is limited to 1200x800. So I see your port replicators or converters as a possible solution but need to upscale to 2560x1600.

Are there plans for such a product. I know many a 3007WFP owner who would be happy.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, as you suspected, there are no USB 2.0 era devices that will reach that resolution.

With USB 3.0, it will likely become possible, but it will be a while. Those products aren’t on the market yet. Look for the initial ones to come out the second half of this year. We’re going to be there with products, as soon as the chipsets and drivers are mature enough.

Thanks again for the post!