2 monitors off docking station from laptop

Sorry if this has been asked - I can’t find it in the support. I would like to run 2 monitors off my laptop with my laptop display off. I can do it if I run one monitor off the DVI out on the docking station and one off the VGA on the laptop but I was hoping to run a DVI splitter on the docking station and connect the 2 monitors to it. Will the USB connection to the docking station drive 2 monitors?

Hi jeffdjamison,

Thanks for posting your question here! If you could post back and let us know which particular DVI splitter you are hoping to use with the Plugable Docking Station, we can look up the specs to figure out if it would work or not.

Another easy option to have two monitors off the Plugable Docking Station UD-160-A is to plug in a USB Graphics Adapter into one of the USB ports on the dock. We have thousands of customers who use this setup.


I bought this one:
Cables Unlimited DVI-D Splitter Cable (PCM-2260)

Thanks for the option with the Graphics Adapter. I hate the thought of spending another 50-80 bucks just because I’m too lazy to plug the stuff in but I may just go that route.